Do people, like, even read anymore?

Yep. Even in our quick-click, scroll-happy, excess of digital media, copy is the glue that holds it all together. Everything on each web page, digital ad, blog post, brochure — whatever — is a design and UX element. The words in between are the crucial link between premise and delivery. Do folks have shorter attention spans now? You bet. The remedy is sincere, efficient copy that hits home fast.

Tell a story.

We’re a species of storytellers. We like narratives, cliffhangers, triumph, and adventure. It’s how you relate what you do to your audience.

Authenticity above everything.

It’s 2019. Your audience knows when they see a sales pitch or advertising. And that’s fine. Compelling content must cut through the noise with honesty and authenticity. Direct, poignant, and brilliant — it’s that simple.

Collaboration is the sauce.

Writing might be a solitary craft, but the process sure isn’t. Design, UX, semantics, imagery — it all works together and requires total collaboration with clients and stakeholders.

Data speaks.

Data and analytics tell their own story: What’s working and, just as important, what’s not.